Since July 1,2017 – Aadhar card is mandatory for many works, so if you have not your aadhaar card then it’s time to apply now at aadhaar center.

Recently government has made the Aadhar card mandatory for opening a new bank account.

Here we are going to tell you about 14 such works that you can not do without Aadhar card.

14 works in Which Aadhaar Card is Mandatory

Around 90% people in India have aadhaar card and by end this year government aiming to complete 100%. For this government has decided to set aadhaar card necessary for many government related works and scheme.

These 14 things you can’t do without Aadhaar card

1. Opening Bank Account

Now, to open an account in the bank, you must have Aadhaar card, else you can’t apply for new bank account at any bank.

This rule has been implemented by the government already. If you have an account in any bank, then you must give your Aadhaar information to the bank.

2. Above 50,000 transaction at bank

Now when you make transactions with more than Rs.50,000 in the bank, Aadhaar is also necessary for that, without it you will not be able to do such higher transaction.

3. Apply PAN CARD

If you want to apply for PAN CARD, you must submit your aadhaar card copy for that, otherwise your application will be rejected.

You can apply for new pan card online with your aadhar card.

4. Tax return

Now the aadhaar is become mandatory for paying tax returns. If you also file tax returns, you first need to link the Aadhar card with the PAN card.

5. PF Account

It has now been mandatory to link PF account with Aadhaar number. The Employees Provident Fund Organization has fixed the last date for depositing the Aadhaar card for more than 4 crore members till June 30 and the last date for the states of North-East September 30, 2017.

6. For Insurance

For apply new LIC policy now Aadhaar card is necessary. To claim insurance money you must submit aadhaar copy.

7. For scholarships

Now the Aadhar Card is also needed for the scholarships available in schools, colleges and universities. If you are also the beneficiary of scholarship, then you have to submit your aadhaar copy.

8. Train Ticket

Now the aadhaar is necessary for getting a discount on the train ticket, without it you will not get any concession. Also this aadhaar is also required for ticket booking on IRCTC.

9. New SIM card

To buy new SIM card, now aadhaar card is must. All operators have started facilitating e-kyc in which you can buy SIM card though Aadhar card.

10. Passport

Passport is essential for going abroad and also works as an ID Proof. Now you must have aadhaar card in order to make a passport.

11. New Gas connection

If you are thinking of taking a new gas connection then it will be possible only if you have aadhaar card, without it you can not even take new gas connections.

12. Ration Shop

If you are Ration card holder and buy ration at ration shop then you must have aadhaar card, else you will not get ration benefit.

13. Buying a new car

If you are looking to buy a new car then this dream will be realized only when you have Aadhaar card, without it you can not buy a car.

14. Buying a New Home

If you planning to buy a new home then here also Aadhaar card is required document. It is required for property registration.

So these works not possible without Aadhaar card. If you are one of them who have not applied for aadhaar card then its right time for you.


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