Aadhaar Card is must to Open bank account

The central government has taken a very big decision regarding the Aadhaar card. Yes, now the bank account will be opened only if you give the Aadhaar card together. It is clear that Aadhar card has now been made mandatory to open a bank account.

Another important decision was taken by the government that now Aadhaar card is necessary if you have to make a transaction of above Rs.50,000 in the bank.

All bank account holders need to link the Aadhaar card with your bank account before December 31, 2017, otherwise your bank account will be treated as invalid.

The main purpose of the government to take such tough decisions is to reduce corruption, which spread like a termite.

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Link Aadhaar card With bank Account is Mandatory

If you have an account in any bank and you have not yet provided the information of your Aadhar card to the bank, then you have the time till December 31, 2017, to link the Aadhaar card in the bank, otherwise your account will become invalid.

All banks have made the facility of linking Aadhaar card online.

If you use NetBanking, Mobile Banking, then this work is very easy for you.

Even if you do not have the facility of Netbanking, you can also link your Aadhaar card to the bank account by sending an SMS, many banks like SBI, ICICI provide such facility.

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You can also do this work at the ATM machine. Many banks also give you this facility. And if you do not know anything then you can go straight to the bank and submit your aadhaar copy.

New bank account will not open without aadhaar card

If you are thinking of opening a new account in any bank, then first ready your aadhaar card as a ID proof and address proof, without this document you can’t open an account at any bank.

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Before this new rule in order to open an account, any ID Proof, address proof was used, but now it is not so. Now the bank account will open only if you have a aadhaar card.

Above Rs.50,000 transaction Aadhaar is must

To withdraw or deposit above Rs.50,000, you must have to be given your aadhaar details, else you can’t make such transactions. This decision taken by the government to curb dark acts like money laundering.

So after reading this, visit your bank and submit your aadhaar copy or do this online.