How To Activate New Indian Bank ATM Card Online

If you have just received your new Indian Bank Debit card then first you need to activate your card before using it at ATM or online. Without activating your ATM card, you cannot use it anywhere.

Indian Bank customers can now activate the Debit card online without visiting the branch or ATM. If you have a net banking facility then you can also login and activate your new Indian Bank Debit card.

So here is the step by step guide, how to activate Indian bank ATM card online.

Activate Indian bank ATM/Debit Card Online

You need to login to Indian Bank Internet Banking, so open net banking page and login to your account.

After login, click on the OPTIONS as you can see below screenshot & click on Debit Card Services – Card Activation. Select your account number and type transaction password then click submit. (Please see below screenshot)

activate indian bank atm/debit card

Next screen enter your Debit card number or select your new Debit card number and complete activation process.

After card activation, you can also generate ATM PIN for your Debit card online. Now you can use your Debit card for ATM withdrawal and online purchases.

So this way Indian Bank customers can activate ATM/Debit card online.


Q.1: Why my Indian Bank new Debit card not working?

Ans: If your Indian bank Debit card is new and not activated yet then you can not use it anywhere. First, you need to activate your Debit card and then you can use it for ATM withdrawal and online transactions. Please follow the above step by step process and activate your card.

Q.2: Can I activate my Indian Bank Debit card online through Mobile banking?

Ans: You can activate your Debit card through net banking, currently this facility is now available on mobile banking.

Q.3: Do I need to visit the bank to activate my new Indian Bank ATM card?

Ans: If your net banking is active then you don’t need to visit the bank. You can activate your card by login to net banking.