How To Order New Bank of India (BOI) Cheque Book on Mobile

Bank of India customers can manage their bank accounts and access various online banking services through the mobile banking application. You can order a new cheque book, check your account balance and statement, obtain a new Debit card ATM PIN, manage your card, open FD & RD accounts, and much more.

BOI Omni Neo Bank application from Bank of India now offers the ability to order a new cheque book online directly from your mobile phone and have it delivered to your registered address. No need to visit the bank, saving you time.

So let’s discuss the step-by-step process on how to get a new BOI Cheque book through latest mobile banking application:-

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Order a New Bank of India Cheque Book through Mobile Banking

Bank of India’s latest mobile banking application BOI Omni Neo Bank now lets you order your new Cheque Book online directly from mobile banking. If it is now active on your phone, you can install the application from the Play Store and activate it using your Debit card.

Now let’s order a new Cheque Book using BOI mobile banking application:-

(1) First we will login to BOI omni neo bank mobile banking application with MPIN. After login, we will open the profile section as you can check in the screenshot below.

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Bank of India Mobile Banking open Profile

(2) When you open the profile section, you will find, the “Services & Requests” option. Please tap and open this option to place a request.

Order Bank of India new cheque book

(3) Now on the next screen you will find the “Cheque Services” option where you can place a new cheque book request and also manage your current cheque book. Tap and open this option.

Order Bank of India new cheque book

(4) Next screen click on “Request Chque Book” option and proceed further.

Order Bank of India new cheque book

(5) On the next screen you can place your new cheque book request, First select the number of cheque book you want to apply, select the “Communication” option to get delivery of your cheque book to your registered address and then submit your request.

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Order Bank of India new cheque book

Done! you have successfully ordered a new cheque book for your Bank of India account through the mobile banking application. Now your new cheque book will be delivered to your registered address within 10-12 working days.

Please note that your new checkbook will be delivered only to your registered address. If your address has changed, you will need to visit your branch, apply for a new checkbook, and remember to update your address.