Activate Bank of India Passbook Online (mPassbook)

Now view your Bank of India Passbook online on your phone. BOI mPassbook facility available through mobile banking application where you can see your BOI account passbook online.

BOI online passbook (mPassbook) enables you to view your account activity online on your phone. You don’t need to visit the Bank every month to update physical passbook.

Senior citizens and those who unable to visit Bank for passbook printing can install BOI mobile banking application and view passbook online on his/her mobile phone.

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See how you can view BOI Passbook online.

BOI mPassbook Facility On your Phone

Bank of India official mobile banking application available for Android and iOS. First, you need to install this application on your phone and complete registration. You can read this guide – How to register for BOI Mobile Banking

Now you can view your BOI Passbook online.

(1) Login to BOI Mobile Banking by entering User ID and login password.

Bank of India Mobile banking login

(2) After login, tap and open “mPassbook

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BOI Passbook online mPassbook

Next screen select your Account number.

BOI Passbook online mPassbook

(3) And now enter the number of transactions (maximum 20 transactions). In transactions type, you can select Credit and Debit or select Both. Now tap on GET STATEMENT.

BOI Passbook online mPassbook

Now you can view digital passbook and check account activity. You can also generate PDF file and save in your phone or send this statement to an email address.

BOI Passbook online mPassbook

You can also check transactions activity by selecting the Date (maximum 3 months account activity) and by days. Select date or days and tap on get statement

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BOI Passbook online mPassbook

BOI online passbook facility is really very helpful to check account activity on the mobile phone. You don’t need to visit every month to update physical passbook, just install BOI mobile banking application and view your passbook online.