SBI International Debit Cards and Charges

As you all know, SBI Debit cards now support PayPal and selected International Websites. Wherever payment is accepted through PayPal, you can use your SBI Debit Card, as well as you can use your card on several selected International websites.

You do not need to enter an OTP or PIN to make an international payment, you can make direct payment.

Many SBI customers are still confused which Debit card will be right for them? Which works everywhere, especially in PayPal, which is used as a payment method everywhere for purchasing items & services.

Whether you want to buy hosting, themes, plugin or any other products or service, you will see PayPal option to pay. And if merchant have an option of paypal then you can pay with your SBI Debit Card.

Now the point here is that which SBI Debit Card will be the best for you.

For your information, let me tell you that I have 4 Debit cards from SBI, 2 cards are my own and the rest 2 of my family members. All works well on paypal and domestic online sites too.

So let’s talk about which Debit card will be right for you.

Best International SBI Debit cards

Normal ATM Card which comes in Yellow color powered by master card works only on Domestic level, you can not make international payment..

If you have to do International payment, then you must have International Debit Card.

The SBI Debit Cards I’m telling you here work well on Paypal, Google playstore & other International sites.

1. SBI Silver International Debit Card

sbi silver International Debit card

I used this card to buy wordpress plugin on themeforest. The PayPal option available on Themeforest so the item was successfully purchased.

The bank gives you this card for free, that means card issue charge is nothing. After this card annual fee is Rs.150 which you have to pay every year.. If the card is lost, you will be charged Rs.204 for new.

At ATM you can withdraw daily Minimum Rs.100 and maximum 40,000 and online you can shop daily Rs.75000 which is enough for you.

The Silver International card is available at the lowest rate. If you do not want to waste much money behind the card then it is best for you.

particulars Charges
Issue Charge NIL
Annual Free Rs.150
Card Replacement Rs.204

2. SBI Global International Debit Card

sbi global International Debit card

I’ve also used Global International Debit Card in many places, especially in Paypal.

This card is also linked to my paypal account. I have also used it on Google play store.

The charge of this card is also Rs.150 / year. Issue charge is nil so you will get it free. The replacement charge is Rs.204.

At ATM you can withdraw minimum 500 and maximum 40,000 daily, while online you can do maximum 75000 daily transaction.

particulars Charges
Issue Charge NIL
Annual Free Rs.150
Card Replacement Rs.204

Silver and Global There is no difference between these two. You can apply of your choice.

3. SBI Gold International Debit Card

sbi gold International Debit card

My brother has this Gold debit card, many times I have used it. It is linked to my brother’s paypal account.

Bank will provide you this card free of cost, the annual charge is Rs.150 and the replacement charge is Rs.200.

In this, you can withdraw minimum 100 and maximum 50,000 at ATM, and online you can do maximum 2,00,000 daily transactions.

particulars Charges
Issue Charge NIL
Annual Free Rs.150
Card Replacement Rs.204

4. SBI Platinum International Debit Card

sbi platinum International Debit card

This card is a little expensive and for those who do daily big transactions. I also have this card.

This card is not available free, the issue charge is Rs. 306 and the annual fee is Rs.200.

In this, you can withdraw maximum of Rs.1,00,000 daily at the ATM and you can buy products of 200,000 daily online.

particulars Charges
Issue Charge Rs.306
Annual Fee Rs.200
Card Replacement Rs.204

Final Words

So these are 4 SBI International payment supported Debit Cards which I have tested myself and are the best for you. Difference between these four is just the daily transaction limit and there is no such difference, you can apply for any.

One more thing to let you know that in order to make international use of the SBI International Debit Card, you have to enable International usage for it, which you can do on Internet banking or SBI Anywhere.

If you use Internet Banking, you can apply online for the Debit Card.

I hope your confusion is now clear and now apply any Debit card from these 4 which is suitable for you.