Ordering a new cheque book is now easier than ever for Canara Bank customers! Now Canara bank customers place a new cheque book request for savings account without visiting the branch.

Below are the easy, quick and convenient channels (net banking & mobile banking) to order a cheque book.

Follow below process and request a new cheque book online.

Canara Bank – Request New Cheque Book Online

You can use Can Mobile banking application and net banking facility to order a new cheque book. If you don’t have both facility then first register online for mobile banking or net banking.

Read How to activate both facility online: 

1# Through Mobile Banking

Can Mobile banking application is available for Android and iOS platform. You can access and manage your bank account online on smartphone.

1: Open Can mobile banking application and login.

2: After login, tap on Request.

Canara Bank Cheque Book Request Online

3: Now tap on Cheque Book Request.

Canara Bank Cheque Book Request Online

4: Now confirm your request by tapping on ok. Done! You will receive your new cheque book within 15 days.

Canara Bank Cheque Book Request Online

2# Through Net Banking

You can also use Internet banking facility.

1: First login to net banking – https://www.canarabank.in/

2: After login, click on Requests.

  • In requests, click on Cheques — Cheque Book Request. Select your account and click on submit.

Canara Bank Cheque Book Request Online

So by following these two ways canara bank customers can request new cheque book online without visiting branch.