How To Get Canara Bank Customer ID From Mobile Banking

I need to use my customer ID as the password to open my Canara Bank email statement PDF file. However, I couldn’t find my customer ID in my passbook. Therefore, I found an online method to check my Canara Bank customer ID.

If you are a Canara Bank customer and want to check your customer ID online then this article is for you.

Your Canara Bank account number and customer ID are different. You can find your account number on your passbook or cheque book, but your customer ID may not be printed on them.

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Don’t worry follow these steps and get your Customer ID online:-

Check your Canara Bank Account Customer ID Online from Mobile Banking

(1) Firstly, you need to activate the Canara Mobile Banking application on your phone. To activate mobile banking, you only need your bank-registered mobile number and ATM/Debit Card. We have a step-by-step guide on this:-

(2) When you have successfully activated the Canara Mobile Banking application on your phone, you can now check your customer ID online by logging into the Mobile Banking app. Simply log in to the Mobile Banking application using your login passcode. After login, tap on the “ePassbook” option.

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Canara Mobile Banking ePassbook

(3) Next screen select any predefined period and proceed.

Canara Mobile Banking ePassbook

(4) Next screen you can view your ePassbook. Click on the “Get Full Account Details” option to know your customer ID.

Canara Mobile Banking Customer ID

(5) Verify yourself by entering your MPIN on the next screen.

Canara Mobile Banking enter MPIN

(6) And the next screen you can check your Canara Bank account customer ID. Please check the below screenshot for more info.

Canara Mobile Banking Customer ID

Next time, to find your Canara Bank customer ID, simply open the mobile banking app instead of checking your passbook.


Q.1: Can I check my Canara Bank account customer ID number through Net Banking?

Ans: Yes, you can, but if you don’t have a custom login User ID, then you can’t. You need to enter your customer ID as the username to log in to net banking.

Q.2:I don’t have mobile banking. What should I do?

Ans: It will take only 5 minutes to activate mobile banking. You just need to your registered mobile number and Debit card.