Change/Correct Aadhaar Card Name Online

You can change / correct all the details of Aadhar card online like Name, Address, Date of Birth, Email ID and Mobile Number.

To change aadhaar card details online your Mobile Number must be registered with Aadhaar Card.

If you have registered your mobile number with your Aadhar Card, you can also change/correct the details of your Aadhar card online.

Here I am going to tell about how to correct the name of Aadhar card online.

Correct / Change Aadhaar Card Name Online

If your Aadhaar card is not being linked to the PAN card then its main reason can be the difference in name, in such a situation, you can change the name of your Aadhar card exactly like a PAN card and after that you will not face any problem.

So let’s update the aadhaar card name online.

1 First of all you have to go to the official website of UIDAI.

Click & Open –

2 At UIDAI website, you have to click on “Update Aadhaar Details (Online)“.

change update aadhaar card

3 In the browser a new tab will open, there you have to click on To submit your update / correction request please CLICK HERE

change update aadhaar card address

4 Now on the next screen you have to type your Aadhaar number, and then enter Text Verification and click on Send OTP.

change update aadhaar card address

Now you will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number.

Enter OTP and click on Login.

change update aadhaar card address

5 After logging in next screen you can see different options which you can change here you have to choose Name and click on proceed.

aadhaar card name change online

6 In the next screen you have to type your correct name and click Submit Update Request.

aadhaar card name change online

7 Confirm the change you made in the next screen and everything is okay then click on Proceed

aadhaar card name change online

8 Now on the next screen you have to upload a document as a proof. You can upload PAN card, Voter card, Passport, Driving license or any other mentioned document.

change update aadhaar card name online

  • Select your document and upload it.

9 On the next screen you have to select BPO Service Provider. You can select either of them from here. Please select one and submit it.

change update aadhaar card address

And you are done. Your Aadhar Card Name Correction Request successfully submitted. You will get a URN number to check status.

How long will the name change?

You do not have to wait much, your name will be corrected within a week. You can check your status by entering URN number.

When your name is updated, download it online. UIDAI will not send you physical Aadhaar card again.

Final Words

So in this way you can make Change / Update / Correction in the name of your aadhaar card. Remember you can do this only if your mobile number is registered with aadhaar.


  1. Hello Sir,
    I have change my name detail 3 and 4 times but it was not change and getting request rejected. And now i am not getting option for change name details . Only getting option for chang Address .
    So please help me.

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