ICICI Bank is the largest private bank in India following state bank of India and HDFC bank.  Personally i hold regular saving account in ICICI and my banking experience is good till now.

Want to register or change your ICICI bank account mobile number? Here is the step by step guide to change or register your mobile number for ICICI bank account.

Change/Register ICICI Bank Account Mobile Number

First of all, you can change or register your number in ICICI bank with two methods.

  1. Through ATM Machine
  2. Visit branch

Currently number changing facility not available in iMobile or Internet banking, so using above two methods you can register or change your mobile number.

1. Through ATM machine

You can change/register your ICICI account mobile number at any ICICI ATM machine.

The process is very simple and you need just your ATM/Debit card to follow process.

1 Insert your card and enter your PIN at ATM machine.

2 After login select More Options tab and press button to proceed.

icici change mobile number

3 In More options you can see Register your mobile option, select that option.

ICICI bank register mobile

4 Now in next screen enter your New mobile number and press Yes.

icici bank change register mobile

5 Once again enter your number to confirm and press Yes.

That’s it your number will changes/update within 2 days. Normally number is updated within minutes.

So this is simple method to change or register your Mobile number with ICICI bank account.

2. Through visit Branch

The second method is “visit your ICICI home branch and fill this form. Add all require details including your New mobile number that you want to update/change.”

Submit the form and you are done.

So, these two methods you can use to Change or Register your ICICI bank account Mobile number. BTW ATM machine option is better and fast to do this.


  1. Sir I want to change my register number now my new mobile number in icici bank my number is 725964XXX

  2. I have my savings account linked with my Indian mobile number. I have moved to US for a while and now want to change to an US number without changing account type. How to do this ?

    • You can change your ICICI registered mobile number at ICICI ATM or at branch only. No online facility available to change it

  3. I have forgot my phone number linked with my savings a/c of icici bank. Do I need to reach my home branch or i can do it from any bank branch of icici. kindly reply asap

    • Just Visit any ICICI ATM nearest you and update new mobile number. If you want to know current mobile number you must visit home branch where you hold account

  4. If i have two icici account in different branch of different cities and want to close single account through online how can I do?

    • SMS Alerts facility charges are not much (just Rs.15-17). It help to monitor activity. So keep this facility enable.

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