How To Permanent Close Airtel Payment Bank Account

Airtel Payments Bank account is a digital saving account that you can open using your Aadhaar card number. If you are already an Airtel Payments bank customer and want to close your account permanently then you can do this online. Yes, you can submit your account closure request online.

This is a zero balance saving account so you don’t need to maintain any monthly average balance, however, recently Airtel Bank payment bank has started SMS charges so if you don’t want to keep your account active then follow the below process and deactivate your Airtel Payment bank account online.

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Submit Airtel Payments Bank Account Closure Request online

Before you start the account closure process, let me tell you, withdraw the whole amount from your savings account and if any cashback or refund released for your account then wait for that, withdraw/use that amount then proceed.

Step 1: You need to send a mail to Airtel Payments Bank customer care and tell them you want to close your account:

Step 2: You will receive a reply mail and they will ask you to send Address proof and ID proof (POA/POI). You need to submit a scanned copy of your ID and address proof. You can submit the Aadhaar card scanned copy as an ID proof and address proof.

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Step 3: After submitting your scanned document coy. your account closure request will be processed and you will get mail/SMS about account closure status.

So this way, you can close your Airtel Payment Bank account online. You can also visit the Airtel Payment Bank branch to close your account.


(1) Do I need to submit only Aadhaar card scanned copy to close my account?

Ans: Yes, you just need to submit Aadhaar card copy as an ID and address proof to close your account. You can also submit your Pan card copy as  ID proof.

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(2) After submitting the account closure request, how many days it will take to close my account?

Ans: You will receive an SMS/email when your account will be closed.