How To Create UPI ID in PhonePe

PhonePe is UPI based payment application to send and receive money into the bank account through UPI. You can add your Bank account in PhonePe and start sending money to any bank account directly from your bank account.

You can also create your Unique UPI ID in Phonepe which linked with your Bank account. You can share this PhonePe UPI ID with your friends and relatives to receive money through UPI.

The main advantage of this UPI address is that – you don’t need to share your account number and IFSC code when the person sending money to your account using UPI.

Just share your UPI address and receive money directly in your  Bank account.

So how to create UPI address in PhonePe?

Create UPI Address in PhonePe

To create UPI address in PhonePe, first you need to add your Bank account and then you can create your own desired UPI ID which linked with your Bank account to receive money.

Step 1: Add Bank Account

Open PhonePe application and log in. After login, tap on My Money and in Payment Methods, tap on BHIM UPI.

PhonePe Create UPI ID

Next screen, tap on Add New Bank Account and then select your Bank where you hold an account. Make sure your current mobile number is registered with your Bank, so Phonepe verify your number and show your account number.

PhonePe Create UPI ID

After verifying your bank registered mobile number, you can see your Bank account. Congrats, Bank account added successfully and also your default UPI ID created successfully.

PhonePe Create UPI ID

2# Create your Desired name UPI ID

When you link your Bank account in PhonePe, by default PhonePe generate UPI address for you. But if you want to create your own desired name UPI address then yes, you can do this.

Open Profile by tapping in Profile picture as you can see below screenshot. In profile, tap on MY BHIM UPI ID.

PhonePe Create UPI ID

And now tap on Add NEW BHIM UPI ID.

PhonePe Create UPI ID

Now set your desired UPI address and select make this my default UPI ID for all transactions in Phonepe and continue.

PhonePe Create UPI ID

Done! next screen you can see your desired UPI address created and set as primary BHIM UPI ID. If not set as primary, kindly tap on it to make it primary.

PhonePe Create UPI ID

Now this newly created UPI ID is linked with your Bank account and you can share this ID with your friends and relatives to receive money to your bank account without revealing your Bank account number.

You can also make online payment by entering this UPI address and the money will be deducted from your bank account directly.

Please note, for fund transfer to any bank account you need to set UPI PIN using your Debit card.

So this is how to create UPI ID in PhonePe. You can also create another UPI address in PhonePe and set a default.