How To Create UPI Number in PhonePe Application

If you are using the PhonePe UPI application to receive and transfer money and payments then here we will tell you how to set up UPI Number in the PhonePe application.

With a UPI number, you will be able to receive money from any UPI application by just sharing your UPI number and you don’t need to install the same UPI application that the sender is using for transferring money to your account.

Normally when you are using a mobile number in UPI for payment, both sender and receiver need to use the same UPI application and if both are using different applications then you can not transfer or receive money by entering your mobile number.

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To solve this problem, NPCI has launched the UPI number facility so you can create your UPI number and receive money from any other UPI application.

Now follow the below steps and create your UPI Number in PhonePe.

How To Create UPI Number in PhonePe

(1) You need to open the Profile in PhonePe App. Just tap on the profile icon as you can see in the below screenshot.

PhonePe Profile

(2) Now tap and open “UPI Settings” in the profile.

PhonePe Profile settings

(3) You can see the “UPI Number” option, select it. Now you can see your PhonePe linked mobile number here, tap on the “Link to PhonePe” (Your PhonePe registered mobile number will be your UPI number)

PhonePe UPI Number

(4) Now click on the confirm button. If you have created a UPI number in another UPI application then it will be deleted.

PhonePe UPI Number

Ok done! your UPI number is created successfully in PhonePe and now you are ready to receive money from any UPI application like Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Paytm, BharatPe, etc. Just share your UPI number with the sender and the money will be credited to your linked primary bank account.

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PhonePe UPI Number

So this way you can create your UPI number on PhonePe and no need to install multiple UPI applications to receive/transfer money using UPI.