How To Deactivate Paytm UPI Account

Do you want to delete the Paytm UPI account and deregister from the Paytm UPI profile? If yes, then here we will tell you, how to remove a bank account from Paytm UPI or completely delete the Paytm UPI account.

After deactivating your Paytm UPI account, you won’t be able to send/receive money through UPI on Paytm and you need to add your bank account again. If you have switched to another UPI application and don’t want to use Paytm anymore then follow the below steps and remove the Paytm UPI profile completely.

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De-register Paytm UPI Profile and remove all Bank account

If you wish to delete Paytm UPI profile and remove all linked bank accounts (De-register UPI Profile) then follow the below steps:

Open Paytm UPI section.

Paytm UPI section

Now tap on three-dot (on the top) and select Deregister UPI Profile.

deregister Paytm UPI

Tap on OK and confirm your request. After this, you won’t be able to send/receive money f your deregister your UPI ID.

deregister Paytm UPI

However, you can reactivate your UPI profile and restore your linked bank account. To re-activate your paytm UPI account, just tap on UPI section and then click Reactivate account.

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Delete Particular Bank Account from Paytm

If you want to remove a particular bank account from Paytm UPI (If you have multiple bank accounts linked with Paytm) then follow the below steps:

Open Paytm UPI Section and open Saved Bank Accounts list. Now tap on any bank account which you want to remove.

Remove bank account paytm

And next screen tap on Remove Bank option. That’s it your selected bank account will be removed from Paytm UPI.

Remove bank account paytm


Q.1: Can I restore my bank account after deleting the Paytm UPI profile?

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Ans: Yes, if you wish to use Paytm UPI again then you can restore your bank account after deregister. Just open the UPI section and tap on Reactivate my account. After reactivating your UPI account, your all linked bank accounts will be restored and you don’t need to link bank account again, even you don’t require to set UPI PIN.

Q.2: Can I remove a single bank account if I have multiple bank accounts linked with Paytm?

Ans: Yes, you can remove a particular bank account, if you have added multiple bank accounts.