How To Enable International Usage For ICICI Debit Card

ICICI Debit cards support all types of international transactions. You can use your ICICI debit card for International payments at any merchant websites, also link your card with PayPal.

If you are looking for a Debit Card that works online everywhere, ICICI Debit cards should be your first choice.

In order to use any Debit Card at the international level, you first have to enable International usage, almost all bank cards provide online facility for enabling international usage.

Today I’m going to tell you – How to enable International Usage for the ICICI Debit Card.

Enable International Usage for ICICI Debit Card

You can use ICICI Debit Card at the international level only when you activate the international transaction in the card, you can do this work in 3 ways.

Let’s know about these 3 methods.

1. Through SMS

This is the easiest way to enable international transactions for your ICICI debit card.

You only have to send an SMS from your registered mobile number. If your mobile number is not registered with the bank, you can register/change it by visiting icici ATM.

The message you have to send this way.

Open message box and type INTL and send it to 5676766

  • SMS INTL to 5676766
  • You will receive confirmation SMS instantly. Wait for 24 hours and your card will ready to use.

2. iMobile Banking Application

IMobile banking is icici’s official mobile banking application. You can do all the banking work in it.

You can also enable International usage for your debit card on iMobile.

First, log in to iMobile and open the Services tab.

ICICI Mobile banking Services

Next You have to tap on Card Services in Services.

icici debit card international usage

Tap on Modify Debit card limit in Card Services

icici debit card international usage

Now just select your account number, card number.

icici debit card international usage

  • In Limit Changes to be done select International or Both
  • In International limit select Activate
  • In Select Channel, select both ATM withdrawal and POS & E-commerce  and set limit

Now submit a request.

Your ICICI Debit Card will be enabled/activate for International usage in 1 day after submitting the request.

3. Call Customer Care

The third option is – Call the ICICI Customer care and request for international usage activation.

You can go to ICICI’s Customer care page and see details of the contact number.

So Friends, in these 3 ways you can activate international transactions for ICICI Debit Card. After processing this, you can use your card everywhere.