How To Enable International Usage For SBI Debit Card

Now you can use your SBI International Debit card on PayPal and International websites to make payment online. Yes, SBI International Debit cards now support PayPal and International transactions.

You can link your SBI Classic, Global, Gold & Platinum International Debit cards with paypal and also you can use at authorized websites.

To use your SBI Debit Card for International transactions, first you need to activate International usage and e-commerce usage for your SBI Debit Card.

Today we will tell you how you can enable International usage for your SBI Debit Card in different ways.

Enable International Usage for SBI Debit Card (4 ways)

After enabling International usage for your SBI Debit Card, you can use your Card at International ATMs and also use your card for online purchases.

Follow these 4 methods to activate International and e-commerce usage.

1. SBI Anywhere Personal

State Bank Anywhere is one of the best mobile banking application for SBI customers. You can access online banking services like fund transfer, recharges, check balance, Debit card services and much more.

Let’s see how to enable International usage for your Debit Card on State bank Anywhere.

1: First of all you have to log in on SBI Anywhere.

  • After logging in, tap and open Services and next tap on Manage Debit Card.

Enable International Usage for SBI Debit Card

2: And next screen, select your Account number and Debit Card number. Now turn on International usage and e-commerce (CNP) txns and submit.

Enable International Usage for SBI Debit Card

  • International Usage: By enabling this option your card will work on the international level. Such as ATM machine, online website
  • E-commerce (CNP) txns: To make an international online payment, you need to turn on this option.

2. SBI Internet Banking

This facility is also available for you on Internet Banking.

First, you have to go to and log in.

After logging in, click and open e-Services and then click on ATM Card Services.

Enable International Usage for SBI Debit Card

Next screen, click on ATM Card Limit/Channel/Usage Change.

Enable International Usage for SBI Debit Card

Now select your Debit card number and in Services, select Change Usage Type.

Enable International Usage for SBI Debit Card

In usage type, select International Usage and select Enable International Usage.

Enable International Usage for SBI Debit Card

For online transactions, you also need to change Channel type, select CNP Channel and Enable it.

Enable International Usage for SBI Debit Card

3. SBI Quick Banking

The third option SBI Quick Banking. SBI Quick is now part of the State Bank Anywhere. You can use this facility on SBI Anywhere. If you do not have internet banking facility then you can choose SBI Quick to enable International usage for your debit card.

SBI Quick is SMS based Application so local SMS charges apply. Make sure you have enough balance at least Rs.10

First Install SBI Anywhere and open the application after installing.

After opening SBI Anywhere, you can see the SBI Quick Option. Tap and open it.

sbi debit card international usage

After opening SBI Quick tap on ATM cum Debit Card

sbi debit card international usage

Now select ATM Card Switch On / Off in the next screen

sbi debit card international usage

Next screen just type the last 4-digit number of your card and turn ON all options.

sbi debit card international usage

After selecting ON for all the options, submit it.

If your phone has enough balance then Message will be sent successfully and you will receive a success message.

4. Through SMS

You can also send the following SMS to activate/deactivate International usage and other usages for your SBI Debit Card. Send an SMS from your registered mobile number.

Send SMS to 09223966666
Service SMS for Switch ON SMS for Switch OFF
Please note: XXXX is the last 4-digit of the ATM/Debit Card

So in this way you can enable International usage for your SBI Debit Card.


  1. Hey thanks for the post, for me there is jo option for chosing international usage is coming, I don’t know whether my card is for international usage or not, can you help me, if it is not how to get permission for international usage, or I need to get a new ATM card

    • Message format is correct. i checked. plz send this message from registered mobile number. If you faced any error then try SBI Anywhere, it is best

    • Hello, only selected cards support International usage. SBI International card like gold, Platinum and Global VISA International card works well

    • No charges levied by bank. Exchange rate applicable for International transaction. When you pay through Paypal, they take some charges. Overall charges are not much when you do international transaction.

  2. I have done it but still unable to pay in the “Steam”
    It says that the bank has put the funds on hold
    Mine is Global SBI debit card
    Plzz help..

    • For some website SBI debit card not working. it works Only selected and trusted website. If you really want international debit card then open 811 kotak account, it is zero balance account and apply debit card.

  3. We just got the card. So, only when we need to do an international transaction, we need to enable it or we can just do it now?
    I tried the steps through SMS, but they reply saying “it couldnt be processed due to invalid transaction”. Pls help

  4. Although I enabled all the options as shown above for SBI Anywhere, I am not able to make an international payment through SBI Global debit card. The message reads, Txn declined because your debit card is domestic, upgrade it to international. Plz help!!

    • Friend, sometimes it works and sometime not. Me too received same error. You can apply kotak 811 zero balance account. You will get International Virtual card free. Works on all sites read

  5. Hello Admin,

    I would like to know if i use my Sbi International Global Debit card to make payment at Olym Trade Binary Trading will it accept payment through sbi international global debit card. please guide me thank you

    • please note SBI International debit card works only those sites where OTP support available. When you make payment , an OTP received on your reg. mobile. If that site support OTP then you can make payment.

  6. Tried all the above. even visited the branch they asked me to right an application and still haven’t received reply from them. any other advice??

    • If you are facing technical issue,then let me tell you this is temporary bug. Im also facing the same. Hope it will resolve soon

  7. My card is SBI classic debit card and I link on paypal and I enable all international usage of my card by above sendind message method but when I send money it still say “We are sorry, but we could not complete this payment, because it has been denied by the card issuer. Please retry with a different card or funding option to continue with the payment.” What should I do please help.Thank you

    • I understand. I have Gold and platinum SBI debit card and both working fine but now SBI cards supports only those website where you receive OTP to validate transaction. Some website it won’t work. I suggest go for Kotak 811 account, you will get virtual debit card free of cost. It works everywhere

    • Hello plz note SBI international debit card works well on limited website so please try. If paypal option available then try Paypal that link with debit card.
      Kotak 811 debit card work well. It is zero balance saving account and virtual debit card. So i suggest go for it.


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