How To First Time Login on SBI Internet Banking

After successful registration for SBI Internet Banking online, you need to complete some remaining steps during first time login to SBI net banking. After complete these steps, your net banking will be fully activated and you are ready to use all online services.

If you don’t know let me tell you, SBI customers can register and activate net banking facility online without bank visit. You can read step by step process here. Read: SBI net banking online registration process 

After complete registration, when you login first time on SBI net banking you need to change User ID, set new login password, set profile password and hint question/answer. See how:-

First Time Login To SBI Internet Banking

1 First of all, visit & open login page.

At login page enter your default username and login password which provided by bank & click login.

sbi net banking login


2 Next page, you have to set your new username (user ID). Use alphabet, numbers and capital letters to make a strong username. If it is available then click on submit.

first time login to sbi net banking

3 On next page, set a new login password. Use capital and small letters including numbers and special character. Set a strong password which you can easily remember.

first time login to sbi net banking

4 In next screen you have to set up Profile password and hint question/answer.

first time login to sbi net banking

  • Profile password is used to access profile section while login password used to login net banking account.
  • Set hint question and answer, when you forget your profile password you can reset it by entreating hint question’s answer.
  • In other details enter your date of birth, place of birth, country and registered mobile number.

Now click on submit.

That’s it, you have successfully setup your sbi internet banking and now you can access your account. So this is the procedure for first-time login on state bank of India net banking.