How To Activate SBI Secure OTP & Get Online OTP

SBI Secure OTP application will replace the need for receiving the OTP for Internet banking and mobile banking transactions via SMS. You can generate OTP using the application after activating SBI secure OTP application. This application will generate OTP online so you don’t need to wait for SMS or require a registered mobile number.

If you are unable to receive OTP on your registered mobile number due to network issues or you don’t have a registered mobile number then you can use SBI Secure OTP application and generate OTP without registered mobile number.

Here is the step by step process – How to activate and use SBI Secure OTP application.

How to Activate SBI Secure OTP application

First, install the SBI Secure OTP application from the play store and iOS store and complete the registration process.

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Step#1: Open SBI Secure OTP application and enter your Net Banking User ID and login password and click register.

SBI Secure OTP activate

Step#2: Now tap on the Send OTP button. You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number.

SBI Secure OTP activate

Step#3: Ener received OTP on the next screen and confirm.

SBI Secure OTP activate

Step#4: Finally set MPIN login PIN for Secure OTP App.

SBI Secure OTP activate

You will receive SBI Secure OTP Activation Code on your mobile number, which you need to enter by login to net banking to complete the activation process.

Step#5: Login to SBI Internet Banking and click on My Accounts & Profile and open Profile section.

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SBI Secure OTP activate

Step#6: In the Profile section, click on Activate Secure OTP. (you need to enter profile password in the next screen)

SBI Secure OTP activate

Now click on the OK button and proceed.

SBI Secure OTP activate

Step#7: And in the final step, enter the Activation code received on your mobile phone, after installing and registering in the State Bank Secure App.

SBI Secure OTP activate

That’s it your SBI Secure OTP activation is successful. Now you can generate OTP via Secure OTP application, no need to wait for SMS based OTP.

Please note, after activating SBI Secure OTP, you will not be able to receive SMS based OTP. You need to deactivate SBI Secure OTP then you will be able to receive SMS based OTP.

How To Generate OTP through SBI Secure OTP

You can get OTP with SBI Secure OTP application for SBI net banking and SBI Mobile Banking transactions.

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To generate OTP using SBI Secure OTP app, first process any transaction and when you can see enter OTP screen, open the application and tap on Get Online OTP.

SBI Secure OTP get

How to Deactivate SBI Secure OTP?

If you want to receive OTP via SMS and don’t want to use SBI Secure OTP then you can deactivate this facility.

Login to SBI Secure OTP application and open Settings.

Now select the Deregister option and confirm.


Q.1: What is SBI secure OTP?

Ans: SBI Secure OTP application lets you generate OTP online. You don’t need to depend on SMS based OTP received on your registered mobile number.

Q.2: Unbale to process request error when activate SBI secure OTP app?

Ans: Sometimes you will face this error, please try after some time.