How To Complaint Online in State Bank of India (SBI)

Do you have a complaint with SBI (State Bank of India) regarding your account? Now SBI customers can register their account related complaint online and get resolution within 7 days.

State Bank of India is the largest and most reputable bank in the country. You can apply for saving account online by filling online account opening form or open a digital account through YONO.

If you are existing SBI customer and facing any issue related to your bank account, transactions, net banking or something else, then submit your complaint online through SBI complaint form.

Register Complaint Online in SBI

SBI has launched a Complaint Portal to enable SBI customers to raise their complaint online, to register your complaint visit this portal:

Now you need to enter your Account information, select your query and enter more information regarding your issue.

See how:

Account Number: Type your account number

Name of complainant: Type your full name

Mobile Number: Enter your SBI registered mobile number

Email: Type email address

Category of Complaints: Here you can see different types of categories from which you have to choose a category related to your issue.

Products & Services: After selecting Category, you have to choose your option in Products & Services.

Nature of Complaint: After selecting Product & Service, please select your option in Nature of complaint.

Brief details of complaint: Now write a brief detail about your problem within 500 words.

sbi complaint online

Just after filling all these details, click on submit button.

After successfully submitting your query, you will receive your Ticket Number. You can track your complaint status using this ticket number.

Your complaint will be investigated and resolved within 7 days. You will also receive a message about what action they have taken on your complaint.

So in this way, you can complain online in State Bank of India and get a proper resolution of your query without visiting branch.

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