SBI customers – now you can do Social Media banking on Twitter and Facebook. You can do many banking related works on Social Media such as check account balance and view mini statement, money transfer, blocking card, ordering cheque book and much more.

SBI Mingle – this is new banking facility by State Bank of India, where you can do banking related works on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Here I am going to tell you how to use Twitter for SBI Banking, how to Register for SBI Mingle on Twitter.

How To Register For SBI Mingle on Twitter?

If you are a Twitter user then you can do many sbi banking related activity on twitter. In short you can use your twitter account to check your SBI Account balance, Fund transfer, Card Block, Cheque book order and much more.

SBI Mingle Twitter Hashtag Banking facility available for all customers. You just need a twitter account that’s All

Ok, so let’s Register for SBI Mingle on Twitter.

First of all follow State Bank of India Official Twitter account.

After following, you need to register your bank account.

To register you just need to send a Direct Message (DM) to SBI Twitter.

Type something like this in the direct message.

#SBIreg <account number>

For example: #SBIreg 30108650xx12

After sending above message, you will receive OTP password on your registered mobile number. You need to send this OTP via direct message.

Send OTP like this:-

#regOTP <OTP Number>

For example: #regOTP 1344244

sbi mingle twitter

Good! you have successfully registered with SBI Mingle on Twitter.

Now you can Send Direct Messages for different banking related works. To check hashtag code type #Help and Send.

1. Check Account Balance

To check your account balance, send message to SBI Twitter account: –

#SBIBal <Account number>

For example: #SBIBal 301065747

sbi mingle twitter

2. View Mini Statement

To view last five transactions details, send message like this:

#SBITxn <Account No>

For example: #SBITxn 6726288298

3. Block your card

To block your ATM Card, you have to send Direct Message like this: –

#SBIBlockCard <Account Number>

For example: #SBIBlockCard 301086xx123

After sending this message, you can see your Active card list.

Send Direct Message to Block card:

#BlkCrd <Last 4 digit of card number>

For example: #BlkCrd 3423

4. How to Money Transfer

To transfer money from your SBI Account on Twitter, you have to send Direct Message like this: –

#SBITrf <Debit Account No> <Transfer Amount> <> Beneficiary Account No>

For example: #SBITrf 3010xx43xx23 5000 201156xx56

So this is how you can use twitter for SBI Banking.

To view full list of services, type #Help and send DM.

State Bank of India has also launched SBI Mingle Social Media banking facility on Facebook. SBI Mingle official mobile Application also available on Android and iOS.