How To Activate/Register for ICICI iMobile banking: If you ask me which is your most favorite mobile banking application, then i must say it is ICICI iMobile Application. Yes this App is fast, secure, reliable and you can do all banking related work with iMobile.

I used many banking Application but never experienced like iMobile. It’s development is top level and very easy to understand.

Let’s see some main features of iMobile

  • ADD/manage beneficiary
  • IMPS/NEFT fund transfer
  • Recharge mobile, DTH & pay bills
  • UPI payment (yes now built-in UPI support)
  • Check balance, view statement
  • Card Block/Unblock
  • Generate/change card PIN
  • Account transfer to any branch
  • Update address, email, PAN details
  • Request new cheque book, stop cheque payment
  • Smart Keys feature let’s you fund transfer without open App

These are main features available on iMobile.

Today i will guide you how to Activate (register) first time with iMobile Application.

ICICI iMobile Application Activation Process

Before we start, make sure you register your mobile number with your ICICI account, if mobile number is not registered then you can’t access iMobile.

You can change or register your Mobile number at any ICICI ATM.

Step 1: First install iMobile on your smartphone. iMobile available for Android, iOS, windows Phone. Download and install it.

Step 2: After installing, now open the iMobile.

ICICI iMobile activation process

  • In first screen you can see Activate Now, just tap on it.

When you tap on Activate now, verification message will automatically sent from your registered mobile number, make sure you have at least Rs.2 balance.

Step 3: After successful verification next screen you have two option to login iMobile Application.

ICICI iMobile activation process

  • 4-digit login PIN
  • Netbanking user id & password

Here i recommend select “ I want to use4 digit login PIN” option for fast login process. If you select Netbanking userID and password then you have to enter user ID and password every time to login.

So select 4-digit PIN option.

Set your 4 digit PIN and Submit.

After submitting 4 digit login pin you can see “you are one step away from using imobile….” message on screen. Tap on OK.

Step 4: Now login to iMobile. Enter your 4 digit pin and login.

ICICI iMobile activation process

5 Now this is last step, you need to authenticate your account with Debit card grid numbers.

You can see alphabet (A..N..D..) whatever, see your debit card backside and add those grid numbers here according alphabet provided you for authentication.

ICICI iMobile activation process

Now tap on submit.

Good job! you are now successfully registered with iMobile and ready to use.

So this is the simple process to register first time with ICICI imobile application. If you are facing any issue while verifying your phone number make sure you are not registered with Pocket wallet Application.


  1. Hi,

    Just would like to ask you guys 2 questions regarding ICICI Bank’s iMobile app.

    1. If I change my smartphone from Android to iPhone, can i able to use iMobile app again? Will previous’ devices ‘UNIQUE MOBILE DEVICE ID’ make any issue by using iMobile app on my new device?

    2. Are all the feature of BHIM UPI on Android platform available in iOS platform too?

    Thanks in advance

  2. Once I fully complete the registration, and using it for one month,, and if i remove my registered sim card from the device one day, will iMobile app work as it was earlier?

  3. what are the documents to open icici bank savings account? how many days will it take to activate my account. please reply

    • To open saving account in ICICI Bank you just need Aadhaar card, PAN CARD. The process is fast using e-kyc and account will open instantly. You will receive welcome kit instantly. Minimum monthly average balance Rs.10000. You can open your account at home, just apply online

    • Hello, the same error i faced. I called customer care and found that my mobile number linked with pockets account. So contact ICICI customer care and raise your issue. They will link your mobile number.

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