Indusind Bank Facebook Banking – Check Account Balance & More

Want to check your Indusind bank account balance on facebook? Yes, you can now check your account balance through facebook.

Indusind Onthego banking on Facebook lets you stay connected with your bank anytime anywhere on Facebook. You can check your balance, check mini-statement, check reward points , hotlist your Debit card, find the nearest ATM/branch, perform a mobile/DTH recharge instantly and QuickPay anyone on facebook or even to ones not using Facebook!

To start, All you need is to have a registered mobile number.

So let’s see how to check Indusind bank account balance on Facebook.

Check Indusind Bank Account Balance on Facebook

First you need to register Indusind Onthego banking on Facebook. Registration process is very easy and fast.

1# Registration Process

1: Open Indusind Bank Official facebook page, Like this page.-

indusind bank facebook banking

2: Now you need to send message in below format. Tap on Send Message button.

  • Type & send — #regmob <mobile no.> E.g. #regmob 9999999999
  • You will receive OTP on your registered mobile number.
  • Send this OTP like this “#regotp <OTP>     E.g. #regotp 123456

indusind bank facebook banking

Done! you are successfully registered and now you can check account balance, make fund transfer, view mini statement by sending message in below format.

2# Check Account Balance

If you want to check account balance send #bal & you will receive net balance instantly. see below screenshot.

indusind bank facebook banking

You can send message in below format for different task.

  Balance Inquiry   #bal
  Mini Statement   #mini
  Nearest ATM   #atm <Pincode>
  Nearest Branch   #branch <Pincode>
  Send Money on Facebook (QuickPay)   To send money to another Facebook user
#quickpay <@facebook profile name> e.g. #quickpay @Arun Kumar 5000 1234
  Send money on Facebook to
E-mail ID
  To send money from Facebook to an E-mail ID
#quickpay <bene E-mail ID> <amount> <last 4 digits of Debit card>
E.g. #quickpay 5000 1234
  Send Money on Facebook to
Mobile Number
  To send money from Facebook to a mobile number
#quickpay <bene mobile number> <amount> <last 4 digits of debit card>
E.g. #quickpay 9999999999 5000 1234
  Change Primary Account   #setprimac <account number>
  Help   #help
  Regenerate OTP   #regenotp
  Deregister from Facebook Banking   #dereg <mobile number>
  Deregistration confirmation   #deregotp <mobile number>

So this is how you can stay connected with your bank anytime anywhere on facebook app or messenger with IndusInd OntheGo Social Banking on Facebook.