Enable International Usage for Yes Bank Debit Card

Yes Bank Debit Cards also works well for international transactions. If you have a Yes Bank international Debit card then you can also use your card for online/offline international payments and transactions.

You need to activate your Yes Bank Debit card for international usage which you can do online through net banking. Without enabling your Debit card for international usage, you can not make any online international payment and your transactions will be declined.

So here we will tell you how to activate Yes Bank Debit Card for international payments and transactions.

Enable International transactions for Yes Bank Debit Card

(1) First you need to login, Yes net banking: https://yesonline.yesbank.co.in/

(2) After login, click and open menu options and here you can see Debit Card — Debit Card Dashboard

Yes net banking Debit Card dashboard

(3) Now click on the “International Usage” option and proceed.

Yes Bank international usage

(4) And the next screen, select your Debit card number and create new control for your Debit card. Select “Country” in control type, select “Enable” option, and add countries or select all countries to enable tanasctions. If you want to enable international transactions for a particular country then you can select that particular country else select all.

Yes Bank international usage

(5) To control your international transaction limit, you can set a limit for your Debit card. Click on “Debit Card Limit” option, select your card number, and set a limit for international ATM and international Ecomm (online).

Yes Bank international usage

So this way Yes Bank Debit card users can activate international transactions for Debit card. You can use your Debit card for international online payments as well as ATM withdrawal.


(1) Can I link my Yes Bank Debit Card with PayPal and make payments?

Ans: Yes, you can add your Yes Bank Debit card with your PayPal account and make online payments. If you are using your PayPal account for international payments then you need to activate international transactions for your Debit card.

(2) Why my Yes Bank Debit Card international transaction declined?

Ans: Maybe your Debit card is not supported international transactions or you have not enabled your Debit card for international usage.