Know History of last 5 Cheque books issued for SBI Account

Do you know from the opening of the account, how many Cheque Books have been issued for your SBI account? If the answer is no, then let me tell you through net banking, you can check how many Cheque Book issued for your account.

As you know, SBI customers can apply for a new Cheque book online or by sending an SMS and receive new Cheque boom at home without visiting branch.

Through SBI net banking, SBI customers can know the cheque book request history. History of last 5 cheque books issued in the selected account is available through net banking

Know SBI Cheque Book history online

Before applying new Cheque Book, you can check online when previous Cheque Book issued for your account.

To know how many cheque Book issued for your SBI account, log in to SBI Internet Banking:

In the Request & Enquiries section, click on Cheque Book Request.

Next screen, click on History and select your Account number.

And next screen you can see the history of last 5 cheque books issued in the selected account. You can see Date of issue and from…to Cheque numbers of Cheque Book.

How To Know my last Cheque Book issue date?

  • You can check your last cheque book issue date by following above process.

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