Kotak Bank – How To Stop Cheque Payment online

If you are a Kotak Mahindra Bank (Kotak Bank) customer and want to stop the payment of cheque, the bank offers an easy option to do it online. Kotak customers can cancel cheque payment anytime through online channels.

All that you require is an activated internet banking and mobile banking facilities for your Kotak Bank account.

For some reasons, if you lost your issued Cheque or entered the wrong amount, you can stop issued Cheque payment in Kotak Bank online.

Follow below two methods to stop Cheque Payment in Kotak Bank.

How to Stop Cheque Payment Online in Kotak Bank

Kotak Bank customers can log in to Mobile Banking or net banking and request online to cancel Cheque payment.

1. Stop Cheque Payment using Kotak Mobile Banking

Login to Kotak Mobile Banking.

After login, tap on Service Request and select Cheque Requests.

Kotak Bank - How To Stop Cheque Payment online

Next screen, select Stop option and enter your issued Cheuqe number. Now tap on Stop. That’s it.

Kotak Bank - How To Stop Cheque Payment online

2. Stop Kotak Cheque Payment using Net Banking

Kotak Bank customers can also login to Kotak Internet Banking and stop payment of issued Cheque.

Login to Kotak Internet Banking: https://www.kotak.com/

After login, click on Banking — Service Request — New Service Request

  • In new Service Request, you can see the Saving/current account section, click on Stop Cheque option.

Kotak Bank - How To Stop Cheque Payment online

And finally, select your account number and enter your Cheque Number. Now submit your request.

Kotak Bank - How To Stop Cheque Payment online

Please note:

  • You may use this option to place a Stop Cheque request with respect to an individual cheque leaf or a series of cheque leaves.
  • Stop Payment instructions in any mode will not be acted upon if the cheque has already been received in clearing by the Bank. Cheque stop payment instruction once executed cannot be revoked.

Hope you now understand how to stop Cheque payment online in Kotak Bank. You can cancel issued Cheque payment online anytime by following these two methods.