Want to Link Aadhaar card with your ICICI bank account? – So this article will show you 4 different methods

With these 4 different methods you can link online / offline your Aadhaar card with ICICI account.

It is now necessary to link your Aadhaar number with the bank account andPAN card as you know it. And by the way, to get a gas subsidy, it is necessary to give the aadhaar number with the bank account.

If your Aadhaar card is not linked with your ICICI account then you can link through these 4 methods.

So let’s begin.

Link Aadhaar Card with ICICI Bank Account

Let me tell you that you do not have to go bank to do this work, all the features are available online nowadays. Only require Mobile / PC and Internet connection

1. Using ICICI Internet Banking

If you have the facility of ICICI Internet Banking then this work is done within seconds.

First log on to ICICI Net Banking

After logging in, click on My Profile

icici aadhaar link

  • You can see the option of Aadhaar Card on My Profile, click on Update

Now type your Aadhaar number in the next screen and submit it.

icici aadhaar link

2. Using ICICI iMobile Application

You can do all the work of banking on the iMobile application, if you have not started using it yet, then you are missing a lot.

On iMobile you can also link your aadhar number to your account.

First log in to iMobile

After logging in, you have to open Smartkeys & Services.

icici aadhaar link

Now tap on Instabanking Services in the next screen

icici aadhaar link

In Instabanking Services, you can see the option of Update Aadhaar, tap & open

icici aadhaar link

Simply submit your 12-digit number of aadhaar number to the next screen.

icici aadhaar link

3. Sending SMS

If you do not have internet banking or iMobile banking then you can also done linking process by sending an SMS. (SMS charge Rs.1.50)

Type in the message box-

Aadhar<space>12-digit number6-digit account number & Send to 9222208888

For example: Aadhar 2619XXXX4657301098

4. Fill Offline Form

You have the last option, visit bank and fill out the update form.

First, download this update form and take printout.

Now fill the aadhaar updation column and fill all other details and submit to the bank.

icici aadhaar link

So in this way, you can link the Aadhar card with your ICICI bank account by following these 4 methods.


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