By linking your Facebook Profile or Page with Twitter account, you can share your Facebook Post or Status automatically on your Twitter timeline.

After linking Facebook Profile or Page to your Twitter account, your Public Posts on Facebook including photos, videos, links, notes will be automatically published on your twitter timeline.

By doing this you will not have to publish same post again on Twitter timeline.

Let’s see how?

Link Facebook Profile With Twitter

To link your Facebook profile with twitter, first visit this link.

Now you have to click on Link My profile to Twitter.

link facebook with twitter

Login to your Twitter account on the next screen.

Now on the next page you have to choose the options that you want to share on Twitter. You can see options such as Photo, Video, links, notes, status, select whatever you want to share.

link facebook with twitter

Now click on save changes, now your profile is linked with twitter and now whatever you post on your Facebook profile, it will be automatically published on twitter.

Remember, Only public posts will be shared on twitter.

Link Facebook Page With Twitter

If you manage a Facebook Page, then you can also link it to your Twitter account and share all posts automatically on your twitter timeline.

Open this link again

Now in the next screen you have to click on Link a Page to twitter.

link facebook with twitter

Now select your page in the next screen and click on it to link to Twitter

link facebook with twitter

Just login to your Twitter account now.

And your fb page also linked with twitter account.

link facebook with twitter

If you want to unlink, go to and click on the unlink option here.