How To Link SBI Debit Card With PayPal

For SBI Debit card users, the good news is that “all SBI International Debit card now support paypal and you can now link your SBI Debit card with paypal and make use your card for payments through paypal.

Recently, SBI and paypal make partnership to provide digital transactions facility via paypal for sbi customers.

So now you can link (Add) your SBI Debit card with paypal, i have global International and platinum International Debit cards and both linked with paypal successfully.

So today we will tell you how to Link (Add) your SBI debit card with paypal.

Add/Link SBI Debit card With Paypal

You can’t directly link your si debit card with paypal, before linking process first you need to enable 3 usage┬árights for your card. These 3 options is

  1. International usage
  2. merchant PoS txns
  3. e-commerce (CNP) txns

Ok, so let’s enable all these 3 usage option for our card.

1First login with your SBI anywhere Application.

After login tap on Services tab.

sbi anywhere enable international usage

2 Now in next screen tap on Manage Debit Card.

sbi anywhere enable international usage

3 Next screen select your account number and your Card.

sbi anywhere international usage enable

  • Now enable above three option, i mean select “‘ON”, as you can see above screenshot.

Now submit and confirm, you will receive OTP on your registered mobile, enter it and you are done!

So now you are ready to link your SBI Debit card with Paypal.

You can also enable these 3 options through SMS, type below message and send to “9223966666”

To enable International usage type “SWON INTL <last 4 digit of card>”

To enable merchant POS type “SWON POS <last 4 digit of card>”

To enable e-commerce txns type “SWON ECOM <last 4 digit of card>”

After sending above three sms you will receive three reply of successful enabled these options on your card.

Link your Card with Paypal

Login to your paypal account.

After login, click on Payment Methods option located at top.

paypal link a card

  • In payment method option you can see Link a Card option, click on it.

Next screen you need to enter your card details.

paypal link sbi debit card

  • Select Debit option
  • Select your card type like VISA, master card etc
  • enter 16-digit your card number
  • enter card expiry date and CVV number

Now click Save button.

In next screen you need to enter OTP which receive on your registered mobile number, enter OTP and make Rs.1 transaction. Click make payment.

paypal link sbi debit card

Great! your card now successfully linked with paypal, you can see successful message.

link sbi debit card paypal

Now your card is ready to use and you can use this card for international payment where paypal accepted.

Final Words

So this is simple process on how to link SBI Debit card with PayPal. Please enable international usage before you start linking process.