How To Lock or Deactivate SBI Internet Banking

All banks offer you Internet Banking facility so that you can manage your account online. You can do all the banking related work on your Smartphone / PC at home. And of course this facility available without any charge.

The facility of internet banking is completely secure. All you have to do is keep in mind that your User ID and password should not be revealed to anyone nor should be written on any notebook or paper. Keep changing your password periodically.

Customers of State Bank Of India can visit and use internet banking, for this you need to activate Internet banking which you can also do online.

Here we are going to tell you how to lock / deactivate SBI Internet Banking.

How to Lock SBI Internet Banking User Access

If you believe that my Net Banking information has been leaked or you have been a victim of phishing attack, then you can immediately lock Internet Banking.

After deactivation SBI Internet Banking, you will not be able to login, your user ID will be locked, and if you want to unlock it again, then you have to go to your SBI branch for this.

So let’s see how to lock / deactivate SBI Internet Banking.

1 First you have to visit and open the login page.

2 At the login page, you will get the option of “Lock User Access” at the bottom, click and open.

lock sbi internet banking

3 Now new window will be open where you have to type your Net banking user name, Account Number, Country and Registered Mobile number.

lock sbi internet banking

After typing all these details, you have to click on Confirm.

Al Done, your SBI net banking has been locked and you will no longer be able to use Internet Banking.

If you have to unlock your internet banking again, then you have to contact your SBI Branch.


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