You can now transfer your SBI Account to another branch online. Yes, online account transfer facility is now available on SBI Internet Banking.

Now you can transfer your SBI Account to any branch in just 1 minute, no need to visit bank.

There may be several reasons for transferring your account to another branch. For example, your current branch is quite far away, your current branch staff behavior not good, you have shifted to another place and so on.

If you also have SBI Internet Banking facility and want to transfer your account to another SBI branch, follow this guide, and transfer your account online in just 1 minute.

Transfer your SBI Account to another branch online

I think everyone should have internet banking facility. Through Internet Banking, you can do all the banking related works at home.

Ok then, let’s see how to transfer SBI account to another branch online through net banking.

1 First of all visit Internet Banking portal and login to your account.

2 After logging in to your account, you have to click on e-Services as you can see in the screenshot below.

SBI account transfer online

  • In e-Services, you can see Transfer of Saving Account option in left side, click on it.
  • Now select your account which you want to transfer.
  • In Branch Code, enter your new branch code where you are going to transfer your account. You can search branch code on Google.
  • After typing the branch code, click on GET BRANCH NAME button. As soon as you click on the Get Branch Name, the name of your new branch will be automatically added in Branch name.

Now submit your request by clicking on Submit.

3 Next screen check your request details and everything is ok then click on Confirm.

SBI account transfer online

4 Now you will receive High Security password (OTP) on your registered mobile number, enter OTP password and submit.

SBI account transfer online

Congrats, your SBI Account Transfer Request Successfully submitted.

SBI account transfer online

How much time it will take to complete Request?

Within just 1 week, your bank account will be transferred to your new branch. I have also transferred my account online to my nearest branch, which has been successfully transferred in 5 days.

How do I know that the account has been transferred?

It is very easy. If you see your online e-statement, you can see your new branch name.

Click My Accounts – View statement.

Also you can see your new branch name mentioned in My Account’s Branch tab.

SBI account transfer online

Do i need to visit my new branch?

Yes, to collect your new passbook you need to visit your new branch. Also confirm that account transferred successfully or not. You can visit anytime.

So this is how you can transfer your SBI Account to another branch online through Internet banking. No need to visit bank, SBI Change Branch facility now online!


  1. I have missed out my internet banking cover how can i transfer my account from one branch to another branch is this possible to transfer please suggest me.

  2. Hello after transferring account to new city..Did they need address proof of that area…If I ask for new atm card online after changing the branch..At which address they will deliver..Can you clarify more..

  3. Can I transfer my account​ from Rourkela to Patna using the above mentioned online procedure?Do reply.

  4. Thanks Team for Sharing this Valuable information, everybody please note that This facility is available between 08:00 HRS IST to 20:00 HRS IST.

  5. I have an PPF account with SBI and it linked to my saving account. Is there any way to transfer my PPF account from one branch to another branch online?

    • Currently Saving account transfer facility available online. To transfer PPF account you need to visit bank.

  6. Hi Sir,

    Its very useful jaankaari. Please let me know little more as mentioned below:

    1. I am from Haryana and working in Madhya Pradesh. And going to transfer a/c from Haryana to Madhya Pradesh. As you told, I will do this through online mode. But I don’t have any address proof documents of Madhya Pradesh. What should I do in that case..?

    2. Are there any service charges / hidden charges for this.?

    3. My old passbook / ATM will work or not.?

    • 1: State to state account transfer require address proof. Plz ask SBI CC for more details.
      2: Account transfer charges applicable.
      3: Old passbook and ATM will work

    • Yes, passbook reissue charges applicable if you want new passbook. You can keep old passbook not necessary

  7. Hi , Once the Branch is changed, naturally the IFSC code will change. Should i ask my employer to update his employee details (IFSC Code). The reason why I am asking this is because, he use to transfer my salary in my bank account.

  8. Hi, Sir I am a sbi customer. I wish transfer my account in my nearest branch. I used the online system. Then I registration successfuly.But password is invalid see this message. Then I used forget password. I Submit all document. But then said invalid ID….Now what can I do???plz tall.plz ans my questions….

  9. Is it possible only for savings account or One can also change the location for current account?
    Please provide info. By the time you reply I might have done it for myself being in the situation but your reply could help others!


    • First Register your Phone number to access online services. Visit bank and register your mobile number.

  10. After SBI online account transfer, Same net banking “User name” and “Password” will work or we have collect new login details from new barnck. plz clarify

    • Follow same process if you have net banking facility. OR just visit your new branch and fill transfer account form.

    • If you talking about Internet Banking then you can Activate it online using your Debit card and Mobile number. No need to visit bank. Click

  11. I don’t see any option for transferring a NRE account from one branch to another. When approached both the branches, none of them were helpful to transfer the accounts.

  12. Dear Sir,

    Recently I have transfered My A/c from SBI 11645 kavathe mahankal to 06611 military cantt branch, but my CIF code is not been transfered; so I am not able to properly operate my account. I have sent request to 11645 kavathe mahankal several times but yet they are unable to do so. Please look into my request and do the needfull.

  13. I have successfully done transfer of my SaVING ACCOUNT online but in Account summary page it is still showing the old branch name. Is it take some time to reflect the changes or its done immediately? Now can I go to the new branch for my address change? Please confirm.

    • You can transfer account only one time within six month. After six month you can transfer your account again.

  14. Dear Sir,
    I have transferred my account but it is still showing old branch even after two months. When visit old branch they are saying that the branch is changed. How much time it takes for complete transfer.
    Shall I need to do it again or it shall be done automatically.

    • I also changed my branch online and it changed within 10 days. I can see new branch name online. Please complaint your query they will look in to this matter.Read this

  15. I’m trying to transfer my SBI account from Model Town, Denhi to Dwarka, Delhi but every time it’s ending up with an error saying “Please try again”. Not sure what’s an issue but doe anyone know about it? Thanks!!

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