Payzapp To Paytm Wallet Money Transfer Step by Step

How To Transfer Money from Payzapp to Paytm wallet? Payzapp to paytm wallet money transfer.

So you want to transfer your Payzapp wallet money to your paytm wallet. Yes, that is possible with this trick which I’m going to tell you.

Payzapp wallet and payment application owned by HDFC Bank is one of the best wallet application for recharges, money transfer, pay bills, booking and more. You will also get a virtual Payzapp debit card with this wallet to use online. You can also pay with your payzapp wallet to online shopping websites to get exciting offers.

Follow this step by step guide & Transfer payzapp wallet money to your paytm wallet instantly.

Payzapp to Paytm Money Transfer

Step 1# Open Paytm Application and tap on “Add Money” option.

Paytm add money

Step 2: On the next screen, enter the amount which available on the payzapp wallet.

Paytm add money

Step 3: And now you can see different payment options, select Debit card option. You need to enter your Payzapp Card details here.

Payzapp to paytm transfer money

Step 4: To access your payzapp card, open Payzapp wallet and open options bar. Swipe up and select Payzapp Card as you can see below screenshot.

Payzapp to paytm transfer money

Now you can see your Payzapp card. On the front screen, you can see Card number and expiry date. Tap on the card to view CVV. (see below screenshot)

Payzapp card

Step 5: And finally back to paytm, enter Payzapp card number, expiry date, and CVV and tap on Pay now.

Step 6: And in the last step, enter your Payzapp wallet login PIN to complete your payment.

Payzapp to paytm transfer money

Done! Money successfully sent to paytm wallet from your payzapp.

Payzapp to paytm transfer money

Please Note: If you are going to transfer Payzapp money to paytm payments Bank then you just need to enter paytm bank account details, here is the guide – Payzapp to Bank account transfer

You can share your card details with the friend if you are sending money to his/her paytm wallet from your payzapp.