How To Set PIN Login in SBI Anywhere (Personal)

Good news for SBI Anywhere (personal) users — ” Now you can login with 6-Digit PIN number in SBI Anywhere Mobile banking Application, you don’t need to enter password.”

In latest update, SBI has released PIN login feature so users can now easily login using PIN number. No need to enter login password which previously used to login. This new feature is so convenient for those who Could not remember the password.

Currently SBI Anywhere available on Android, iOS and windows phone with 10 million active users.

Ok, so let’s see how to use SBI Anywhere PIN login feature & how to set up.

How To Setup SBI Anywhere PIN Login Feature

The biggest advantage of PIN login is that you do not have to remember long-strong password and you will be able to log in quickly. Also you can change PIN anytime.

1 To setup PIN login, first update SBI Anywhere to the latest version.

Now login by typing User ID and Password

2 After logging in, you have to click the Setting icon as you can see below.

sbi anywhere pin login

3 In Settings, you have to click on Manage Easy PIN.

sbi anywhere pin login

4 Now, on the next screen, turn on Enable Easy PIN login.

sbi anywhere pin login

  • Now set 6-digit PIN number and submit.

5 In next screen you will be asked the OTP, which will come on your registered mobile number,enter OTP and submit it.

sbi anywhere pin login

You have successfully set PIN login feature in SBI Anywhere.

After setting up PIN login for SBI Anywhere, whenever you login you will be given 2 options for login – the first PIN login and the second is password login.

sbi anywhere pin login

Keep few things in mind when setting up a PIN-

  • 123456 – Do not use this kind of pin
  • 3333777 – Do not use such pin
  • 6 numbers of your PIN must be different

So in this way, you can now use PIN login feature in SBI Anywhere. You can also turn off this feature in Settings.