How To Register for e-Statement in Kotak Bank Online

By registering for an eStatement facility for your Kotak Mahindra Bank, you will be able to receive eStatement on your registered email address.

Kotak Bank customers can register for eStatement free facility online and start receiving a monthly statement on registered email ID. You can choose an eStatement facility and deregister from the physical statement.

For the e-statement facility, you just need to register your email ID with your Bank account which you can do online and subscribe e-statement facility by selecting a time period monthly.

If you are Kotak Bank customer and still visiting the branch with Physical passbook to know account activity then register for an e-Statement facility and check your account activity without a physical passbook.

Kotak Bank – How to Register For E-Statement

First, you need to register your email ID with your Kotak Bank account. You can register/change an email address in Kotak online.

For e-statement registration, login to Kotak Bank Net Banking:

After login, click on More tab and select Statement option.

Next screen, click on Statement Registration.

And finally, select the monthly option to receive a monthly statement on your email ID and submit your request.

After registering for monthly e-statement, you will receive your e-statement every month on your registered email address.

How to open Kotak e-Statement?

You can open your Kotak Account e-statement in Adobe Acrobat Reader or any PDF file viewer application on your phone or PC.

You will receive password protected e-statement file, to open e-statement,  you need to enter your CRN number as the password.

Kotak Bank e-statement facility is available without any charge so you can register for e-statement facility and receive account statement every month on your registered email address. You can deregister from the physical statement by sending an SMS “SAVE” to 99710 56767.