By registering with e-statement facility for your SBI account, you can receive a monthly statement of your account at your email address.

You can see all the transactions activities which you have done in the month, in your e-statement.

Generally, when we have to see the activity of our account, we go to the bank and print the transaction history in our passbook through the passbook printing machine.

But if you receive a monthly e-statement on your email address every month, you do not need to print a passbook frequently and neither need to go to the bank.

You can also use E-statement in places where you ask for bank account details.

If you have SBI Internet Banking then you can register for E-statement and you can get your Bank account statement at your Email id.

How to register for E-statement in SBI?

If your email address is not registered with your account, then first you have to register your email address.

1. Register Email Address

To register email address first login to Internet Banking.

After logging in, you have to click on Profile.

SBI e statement registration

  • Click on the Update Email ID in the profile. In the next screen you will have to enter the profile password.

Now type your email address and submit it.

SBI e statement registration

After registering Email Address, you can now register for E-statement.

2. Register for E-statement

To register for an E-statement, first log in to your Net Banking account.

After logging in, you can see the option of e-Statement in My Accounts, you have to click on it.

SBI e statement registration

You have to choose your account number in the registration screen.

SBI e statement registration

  • In Frequency you can select options like Daily, weekly, Monthly, if you want to receive your Statement every month, then select Monthly.
  • In Cycle, select 00
  • In Day Indicator, select the date of month that you want to receive an e-statement.

Now click Submit.

Click Confirm on the next screen and submit your request.

SBI e statement registration

That’s it You have successfully registered for e-statement for your SBI account. You will receive your bank statement on selected date at your mailbox.