How To Check SBI Cheque Book Delivery Status Online

SBI customers can check new ChequeBook Status online and know whether the bank has accepted new Chequebook request or not.

As you know, now you can apply for a new SBI Cheque Book online without visiting branch. You can also request Chequebook through SMS if you don’t have net banking or mobile banking.

After requesting new ChequeBook for your SBI account, now you check SBI ChequeBook status online through net banking and confirm that Bank has issued ChequeBook for you or not.

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Check Status SBI New ChequeBook Online

By checking online status, you can confirm that the bank has accepted your request and issued a new Cheque Book for your account or still request is pending.

After requesting new Cheque Book, please check status after 2-3 days.

(1) You need to login to your SBI Internet Banking account first, visit:

(2) After login, click on Request & Enquiries tab and then click on Cheque Book Request.

SBI ChequeBook Status

(3) Next screen, click on History and select your Account number then click on submit.

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SBI ChequeBook Status

(4) And now you can see your new issued Cheque Book details including Date of issue and Cheque numbers. That mean bank has accepted your request and issued Cheque Book for your account. (Make sure issued date is latest) Your new issued Cheque Book will be delivered within 7 days to your mailing address.

SBI ChequeBook Status


(1) I’m unable to see the new Cheque Book issued Date.

  • Answer: That means, currently your request is pending, wait for some days and check the status again.

(2) Can I track delivery status?

  • Answer: If Bank has issued Cheque Book for your account (as you can see online status) then it will be delivered within 7-8 days.

So this is how you can check SBI new Cheque Book status online and know whether Bank has issued Cheque Book for your account or request still pending.