4 Ways To Activate SBI Debit Card Online Transactions

As per new RBI guidelines, online transactions on your SBI Debit card will be switched off (deactivated) by end of September month. However, you can activate online transactions for your SBI Debit card again and enable eCommerce usage.

After activating your SBI Debit card for online usage (e-commerce) you will be able to pay online using your card.

Here we will tell you, 4 online ways to activate online transactions for the SBI Debit card. You can enable/disable online usage for your card anytime by following these 4 methods.

1. Activate Online Transaction for SBI Debit card using Mobile Banking

Open SBI Mobile Banking (SBI YONO Lite) on your phone and login to your account.

After login, click and open “Manage Cards” section.

SBI YONO Lite manage cards

Next screen tap on “Manage Debit Card” option.

SBI YONO Lite manage debit card

Now select your account number and Debit card number. And finally, turn ON the “e-Commerce (CNP) txns” option. You can also set the limit for online usage in”POS/CNP” section.

SBI YONO Lite activate online transactions

2. Enable online usage for SBI Debit Card using SBI YONO

If you have registered with SBI YONO then you can login to your account and enable online transactions for your Debit card.

Open the SBI YONO app and login to your account.

After login, tap and open menu option and click on “Service Request

SBI YONO Service Request

Next screen, open the “ATM/Debit Card” section.

SBI YONO ATM/Debit card sectiion

And next, select the “Manage Card” option.

SBI yono manage card

Now select your account number and Debit card number. Tap and “Manage usage” and turn ON “E-commerce transactions” option.

SBI YONO activate online transaction

3. SWON ECOM SBI Debit Card Online Transaction Activation by SMS

You can also send an SMS from your registered mobile number and activate online transactions for your SBI Debit card.

Step 1: First activate SBI Quick for your account:

  • Type “REG<space>Account number” & send to 092234 88888

Step 2: To activate international usage for your Debit card:

  • Type “SWON<space>ECOM<space>last 4-digit of your Debit card” & send to 092239 66666 (For example: SWON ECOM 5656)

If you have any problem, then install SBI Quick application on your phone and send these SMS automatically.

4. Activate online transactions for SBI Debit Card through Net Banking

You can also activate online usage for your SBI Debit card by login to internet banking.

Visit (https://www.onlinesbi.com/) and login to your net banking account.

After login, click on “e-Services” and select “ATM Card Services

SBI net banking e-srrvices - ATM card services

Next screen, click on “ATM Card Limit/Channel/Usage Change

SBI net banking ATM Card Limit/Channel/Usage Change

Now select your Debit card number and choose “Change Channel Type” option and proceed further.

SBI net banking change channel type

And finally, select “CNP Channel” option and choose “Enable CNP Channel” and submit. (CNP means e-Commerce / Online – CNP (Card Not Present)

SBI net banking activate CNP

So by following these 4 methods, SBI customers can activate online (e-Commerce usage) transactions for the Debit card. If your Debit card disabled for online usage then follow these methods and enable your Debit card for online payments.