SBI Monthly Average Balance Rule and Charges for Non-Maintenance 2018 (Updated)

Here is the SBI (State Bank of India) monthly average balance (minimum balance) and its charges details for regular saving account.

The Monthly Average Balance required to be maintained depends on the account classification as Metro, Urban, Semi-Urban and Rural. MAB which is monthly average balance is calculated by taking average of day end balances in a month. A day end balance means the balance that stays overnight in the account. The average of the day end balances in a month should be above the limit set by bank based on the branch categorization.

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Remember, The requirement to maintain Monthly Average Balance is not applicable to the
following categories.
• Financial Inclusion accounts including PMJDY accounts.
• No Frill accounts,
• Salary Package accounts,
• Basic Savings Bank Deposit accounts
• BSBDA- Small Accounts,
• Phela Kadam and Pheli Udaan accounts,
• Minors upto the age group of 18
• Pensioners all categories
• Recipients of social security welfare benefits. (Direct Benefits).
• Students up to the age of 21 years.

SBI Monthly Average Balance Requirement for saving Account

SBI regular saving account holders need to maintain below monthly average balance. If you can not maintain this balance, you will be charges for non-maintain MAB.

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1# Metro &Urban (Average monthly balance should Rs. 3000/-)

2# Semi-Urban (Average monthly balance should Rs. 2000/-)

3# Rural (Average monthly balance should Rs 1,000/-)

Charges (Penalty) for Non- maintenance of AMB

If you failed to keep minimum average balance then you will charges for non-maintenance balance, here is the details of charges.

Revised Charges wef 01.04.2018 for Non-maintenance of Average Monthly
Balance (AMB) in SB accounts.

Metro &Urban (AMB= Rs. 3000/-)Charges (revised on 01/04/2018)
Shortfall < = 50%Rs. 10/- +GST
Shortfall > 50 – 75%Rs. 12/- +GST
Shortfall > 75%Rs. 15/- +GST
Semi-Urban (AMB Rs. 2000/-)
Shortfall < = 50%Rs 7.50 +GST
Shortfall > 50 – 75%Rs 10 +GST
Shortfall > 75%Rs 12 +GST
Rural (AMB) Rs 1,000/-)
Shortfall < = 50%Rs 5 +GST
Shortfall > 50 – 75%Rs 7 +GST
Shortfall > 75%Rs 10 +GST
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