These SBI Saving Accounts Not Require Monthly Average Balance

India’s most prominent public sector bank – State Bank of India has increased the Amount of Minimum monthly average Balance for Regular Saving Account.

If you also have a Regular Savings Account at SBI, then you must keep MAB Rs.3000 in Metro City, Rs.2000 in urban area and Rs.1000 minimum monthly balance in semi-urban area.

But you do not have to worry. Yes, if you are not able to keep Minimum Balance in your Saving Account, you can change your account in SBI Zero Balance Saving Account. Ya that is possible.

You can change your Regular savings account to Zero balance saving Account and get rid of the hassle of keeping Minimum Balance.

State Bank Of India offers you 3 types of Saving Account which does not require any kind of Minimum Balance, your account will continue in zero balance and no charge will be charged from you.

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Here we are going to tell you the SBI’s 3 types Zero balance Saving Account.

These SBI Saving Account Not Require Monthly Average Balance

It is not possible for ordinary people whose income is very low to maintain Rs.3000 in account, so SBI offers special Saving Account for people with low-income, where you do not have to keep any type of Minimum Balance.

Let us know about these Saving Account.

1 # BASIC Savings Account (BSBD Account)

You do not require minimum monthly average balance in this Basic Savings Account. Anyone can open this account at any branch.

SBI Basic Saving Account Features

  • This savings account is available at all SBI branches and any person can apply for it.
  • Not require any Minimum Balance, your account will continue in Zero Balance.
  • You can deposit money without any limitation.
  • You will get the same interest rate which is available in other savings accounts.
  • With this account you will get Basic RuPay ATM-cum-debit card which is Lifetime free as well as no annual charges.
  • NEFT / RTGS money transfer also has no charge.
  • In this account, you can withdraw money only 4 times a month.
  • You can open only one Basic Saving Account, not second.
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2 # Small Saving Account

SBI Small Saving Account can open those people who do very little savings or who need a bank account for scholarship.

In Small Saving Account, you can keep the account active in Zero balance. There is a lot of limitation in this account that you need to know.

Small Saving Account Features:

  • Anyone can open a Small Saving Account.
  • You do not have to maintain any kind of minimum balance
  • You will receive the interest rate like the other Savings Account.
  • You can keep only Rs.50,000 in your account. After completing full KYC you can keep up to 1,00,000.
  • You will also get Rupay ATM card which is free of cost.
  • You can only withdraw Rs.10,000 in a month, keep this thing in mind.
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3 # Jan-Dhan Saving Account (PMJDY)

In this scheme introduced by Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi, you can open zero balance saving account in any bank. State Bank Of India also lets you open this Saving Account.

Jan-Dhan Saving Account is for the poor who want to save a little bit from their earnings.

Jan-Dhan Saving Account Features:

  • You can open Jan-Dhan Account at any branch of SBI.
  • You do not have to keep Minimum Balance, your account will continue in Zero balance.
  • You will get a free passbook and check book.
  • Free Rupay Debit card available with zero charges.

Those who are unhappy with increasing SBI’s Minimum Balance limit and are not able to maintain Balance, they can convert their accounts into any savings account mentioned above.

I hope this useful guide will help you to choose best SBI saving account which suits you.