Top 10 Best Banks in India

Today I am going to share with you India’s Best & Big Top 10 banks details.

None bank can satisfy of its customers, for some reason the customers have to complain with the banks but this does not mean that the bank is not good.

Yes it is true that employees’ behavior in many banks is not good with their customers, especially in public sector banks.

Forget it, let’s know about India’s biggest and best banks, which are the best in their services and where you can open your account.

Here I am including both public sector and private sector banks.

India’s Top 10 Best Bank List

Public sector banks are government-owned banks, more than 50% of the shares are owned by the government, so these banks are fully held by the government.

On the other hand, private banks maximum shares belong to a private party so these type banks are called private banks.

Let’s see India’s biggest Best top 10 banks list.

1. State Bank Of India

State Bank of India is the india’s largest bank and one of the best bank in the country. Every city, village has SBI branch.

Almost half of population of India hold a saving account in SBI, the initiative of jan dhan zero balance account has seen a significant increase in SBI’s customers.

In SBI, you can also open Zero balance account including open Regular savings account.

State Bank of India has started providing online banking services to promote Digital Banking initiative. You can do everything online, from Online account application to online fund transfer all you can done through net banking.

2. ICICI Bank

ICICI Bank (Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India) is the second largest private sector bank in the country. I have a savings account of ICICI which I applied online.

If there is anyone at the forefront of digital banking, then it is ICICI bank.

If you are thinking of opening your savings / salary account in a private bank then your first choice should be ICICI.

In ICICI, you can also open Zero balance saving account which comes under the Prime Minister’s Public Account. Apart from this, you can also open regular savings account which is good for normal customers.

ICICI Bank’s iMobile Mobile Banking Application is the best, no bank offers this kind of application to you at the moment.

If you are looking for better Digital Banking experience and best Debit card, you can open your account at ICICI without thinking.

3. HDFC Bank

If there is any equivalent to ICICI Bank, it is HDFC Bank, which is a private sector bank.

To open an account in HDFC, you must have at least 10,000. The branch where I went was asked to deposit 20,000. This is because many customers withdraw their entire money after opening the account, causing loss to the banks.

You can open Regular savings account in HDFC, where you have to maintain minimum 10,000 balance.

HDFC’s internet banking, Mobile banking is also quite good. Wallets like payzapp wallet and chillr are also the initiative of HDFC.

HDFC has just started the facility to open an online account in some cities where you can open your account at home.

4. Axis bank

Axis bank is India’s third largest private sector bank. Its head office is in Mumbai and registered office is in Ahmedabad city. Axis Bank has 3300 branches across India and offers 13,003 ATMs.

In Axis Bank, you can open Basic Savings Account which comes under the jan dhan Account in which you can keep zero balance.

Apart from this, you can also apply Regular savings account, in which you have to maintain 10,000.

Axis bank’s mobile banking application is also quite as well as mobile banking app. The Axis pay UPI application is also available so that you can transfer money using UPI.

5. Bank Of Baroda

Bank Of Baroda is the second largest public sector bank in the country, its head office in Baroda city, Gujarat.

It has branches in every city of India. BOB branch is in front of my house.

Any common person can open his account in Bank Of Baroda. With the deposit of only Rs.1000, you can open savings account.

The net banking service of BOB is also very good, you can also manage your account on Mobile Banking Application.

For those who want to open their savings account in Low deposit, BOB is the best.

6. Punjab National bank

Punjab national bank (PNB) is the third largest public sector bank. In 1894, this bank came into existence. It has 6,968 branches and 9, 9 35 ATMs across India.

In PNB, you can open general savings account in which you have to keep only Rs.1000 deposit.. This savings account is the best for the general category.

You can also open Zero balance account which is called basic savings account.

Apart from this, you can also apply for Premium saving account.

PNB also gives you facility of free internet banking, mobile banking, as well as Debit cards.

7. Kotak Mahindra Bank

Mahindra Group owned Kotak Mahindra Bank is a private sector bank which came into existence in 2003.

Kotak has 1,348 branches and 2,051 ATMs across India.

I have Kotak’s savings account and I am quite happy with its services and facility.

Kotak Mahindra Bank has simplified the account opening process. Recently 811 accounts have been launched in which you can open your saving account using aadhaar card directly from your smartphone.

In Kotak Bank, any person of any class can open their account. In the Jifi neo saving account, you can keep the zero balance.

Kotak Debit cards give you full freedom, you can use National & International anywhere. In addition, Netbanking and Mobile Banking facility are also provided to you.

8. Canara Bank

Canara bank is the oldest public sector bank in the country. There are 6075 branches and 10500 ATMs in India.

Canara Bank is the best to open account for poor common class people.

You can open your account with just Rs.1000 deposit.

Canara Bank also provides Net Banking, Mobile Banking facility so you can manage your account online.

9. Yes bank

Yes Bank is the country’s fifth largest private sector bank, which came into existence in 2004. It has 965 branches and 1,770+ ATMs across the country.

Yes Bank offers you many types of savings account in which you can apply for regular saving account. 10000 deposit.

Yes bank gives 6% interest compared to the rest of the banks, to their customers.

Apart from this, Yes Bank also offers the facility of Net banking, mobile banking and Debit cards.

10. Bank Of India

Bank Of India is a commercial public sector bank of India, which has 5100 branches across the country.

You can open Saving Bank Ordinary Account with Rs.500 deposit and also open DIAMOND SAVINGS BANK ACCOUNT which does not require you to deposit anything or maintain some balance.

You also get the convenience of Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Debit Card / ATM.

Final Words

If your experience is not good with bank, do not think that the bank is not good.

Any general or upper class person can open their account at private or public sector banks.

The common middle class person whose income is not high can open his savings account in any public sector and also open his account in private banks.

So these are top 10 banks in India where you can apply for a saving/salary account and feel great banking experience.