How To Transfer Payzapp Money To Bank Account

Payzapp wallet users can transfer payzapp money to bank account anytime. For some reasons, if you wish to withdraw your money from Payzapp to your bank account then yes it possible.

Payzapp is mobile payment and UPI wallet introduced by HDFC Bank for digital transactions and payment. You can use Payzapp for online payment, money transfer, recharges and booking and also make payment at the local store.

See step by step guide on how to transfer Payzapp wallet money to Bank Account.

Transfer Payzapp Money to Bank Account

Please note, Bank transfer allows only for KYC compliant users. If your KYC not complete then you can not transfer money to bank. Read this: How to complete KYC on Payzapp

1# Just log in to your payzapp wallet and tap on Pay/Send Money. Next screen select Bank option as you can see below screenshot.

Transfer money payzapp to bank account

2# Now you need to Add Bank account as a beneficiary. Tap on Add Beneficiary and next enter Account holder name, Bank Account number, and IFSC code.

Transfer money payzapp to bank account

3# Now select Added Beneficiary to send money.

Transfer money payzapp to bank account


4# Next screen enter Amount which you want to transfer. Next screen confirm your transaction. Plese note, for bank transfer you will be charged 2% fee. You can see charges details on confirm screen. Tap on confirm.

Transfer money payzapp to bank account



Done! your money successfully transferred to Bank account. Please check your bank account.

Transfer money payzapp to bank account

So this is how Payzapp wallet users can transfer or withdraw money from payzapp to any Bank Account.

Update: Now only Full KYC users can transfer money from Payzapp to bank account. If you have an HDFC Bank account then you can complete your KYC by linking your customer ID with Payzapp account.


Q.1: Can I transfer money from PayZapp to bank account?

Ans: Yes, after completing full KYC, you can transfer money from Payzapp to Bank account. Non-KYC users can not transfer money to the Bank account.

Q.2: How much can be transferred from PayZapp to bank account?

Ans: You can transfer up to 1 lac (monthly) from Payzapp to Bank account after completing full KYC.


  1. Sir. In hdfc mobile banking app have all these features. Then could you please tell me how this payzaap is different from that?

    • It is wallet application by hdfc. Offers virtual debit card. You can load money and use it for payment and recharges. Many online partners offer discounts when you pay through payzapp.

  2. 1. Can i use upi transaction to send payzapp money to my bank account just to avoid transaction fees. Hope there is no transaction fees when we transfer through Upi

    2. Can i add money from hdfc bank credit card to payzaap wallet and transfer money to hdfc savings account or other bank savings account?

    • 1. Upi works only for bank to bank transfer so you can not transfer money to bank using upi
      2. Yes you can add money using credit card and transfer money to any bank

      • Sir i have added money from icici credit card…..BUT I ASKED can i add money from HDFC credit card and transfer it to my HDFC savings account… my pazapp is registered with HDFC account

          • Thanx sir. You are right. I can not transfer payzapp wallet money to bank account using upi because it take money from my savings account to transfer, and not from payzapp wallet. Due to my kyc is pending i can’t transfer my payzapp money to my bank account….. .i have 9600 inr in my payzapp wallet. Pls give a solution to withdraw my money

          • If you are able to transfer money using bank option by paying little charges then follow the process.
            You can also use payzapp card and move your money to other wallet.


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