Union Bank of India – Change/Generate Debit Card PIN Through IVR (Toll-free Number)

How to Generate/Change PIN for your Union Bank of India ATM/debit card through IVR (By calling customer care number)? Yes now you can generate your Union bank of India debit card through IVR toll-free numbers.

If you received your new Union Bank of India debit card and not received physical pin then don’t worry you can set your pin through IVR (By calling toll-free number). If you forgot your PIN or want to change existing pin then this also can be done through Union bank of India IVR.

Follow these step by step process and Change/Generate your Union bank of India ATM/Debit card PIN.

Generate/Change Union Bank of India ATM/Debit Card PIN through IVR

This facility empowers you to regenerate your ATM PIN through IVR  by calling up the 24 hour call center though your registered mobile number. Make sure you are calling through registered mobile number.

Follow these steps and generate your new pin through IVR. (Please listen instructions carefully)

1: First of call on these toll-free numbers from registered mobile number: 1800 22 22 44 / 1800 208 2244 and select your language.

2: Press 3 (PIN Generation option)

3: Now press 2 (Duplicate debit card pin generate option)

4: Now press 1 to generate passcode which you will receive on registered mobile number. You need to enter this passcode to set PIN.

5: Now enter your 15-digit account number and press 1 to confirm.

6: Now enter your Date of Birth in DD/MM/YYYY format & press 1 to confirm.

7: Now enter your 16-digit Debit card number & press 1 to confirm.

8: Now enter your Debit card expiry date in MM/YY format & press 1 to confirm.

You will receive PIN generation Passcode on your registered mobile number which is valid for 2 hours. You can now set your PIN using this Passcode.

9: Again dial toll-free number 1800 22 22 44 / 1800 208 2244 and select your language.

10: Press 3 (PIN Generation option)

11: Now press 2 for (Duplicate debit card pin generate option)

12: Now press 2 as we have already passcode.

13: Now enter your 16-digit Debit card number and confirm.

14: Now enter your passcode which you received on registered mobile number & confirm it.

15: Now enter your debit card CVV number which you can see back side on your card. Enter CVV and confirm.

16: And finally Set your 4-digit Debit card PIN and again confirm it.

So this how you can Change or generate Union Bank of India ATM/Debit card PIN through IVR (Calling customer care number). You don’t need to wait for physical pin or visit branch.