Unlink Bank Account for Paytm Payments: Android & iOS Steps

I wanted to try out different UPI applications for my UPI transactions, so I recently switched from Paytm to Google Pay and PhonePe. As a result, I unlinked (removed) my bank accounts from Paytm and disabled my UPI account on the app. Now, I’m using PhonePe and Gpay for my UPI payments.

PayTM is a popular UPI application that is rated among the top 3 UPI platforms in India. You can easily link your bank account to the app and start using its UPI services. After adding your Bank account on Paytm, you can send or receive money, make online payments, check your account balance or simply check your UPI transaction history. Check this also: How to Create Paytm UPI ID

If you have decided to switch to a different UPI application like Gpay, PhonePe, or Freecharge and wish to remove (unlink) your bank account from Paytm, we are here to assist you with a step-by-step process. In this post, we will guide you through the entire procedure, making it easier for you to unlink your bank account from Paytm.

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How To Unlink Bank Account from Paytm Application

(1) Open the Paytm UPI app and click and open profile settings.

Open Paytm Profile

(2) You will find the “UPI & Payment Settings” option in the profile.

Paytm UPI & payment settings

(3) In the UPI & payment settings screen, you can see your added Bank account list. You can see I have linked multiple bank accounts on Paytm. To unlink or remove a bank account, tap and select the account.

Paytm UPI & payment settings

(4) Next screen to open the unlink option, tap on the (⋮) located right side on the top.

Paytm UPI & payment settings

(5) Now you can see the “Remove Account” option to unlink your bank account. Tap and proceed.

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Unlink remove bank account Paytm

(6) Please note, that you won’t be able to use this bank account to send/receive money through UPI on Paytm. Tap on the “yes” to confirm.

Unlink remove bank account Paytm

(7) Your Bank account is now removed successfully.

Unlink remove bank account Paytm

To re-link your previously removed bank account on Paytm, you will need to complete a simple verification process of your bank-registered mobile number. Once the verification process is complete, you can add your bank account on Paytm again. You need not worry about generating a new UPI PIN, as UPI PIN generation is a one-time process and you have already completed it earlier. Check this also: Paytm wallet to Bank account money transfer without any charges

How To Delete UPI Profile On Paytm and deactivate All Linked Bank Accounts & UPI IDs

If you wish to delete your Paytm UPI profile and deactivate your UPI IDs, as well as the linked bank accounts, Paytm provides this option too.

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(1) All you need to do is, open “UPI & Payment Settings

Paytm UPI & payment settings

(2) In UPI & Payment Settings, tap on the (⋮) located right side on the top. You can check the below image for help.

Disable UPI Paytm

(3) Now you will get the “Disable UPI Account” option, choose this option if you wish to delete your UPI profile.

Disable Paytm UPI

(4) Your UPI Profile on Paytm will be deleted and all your linked bank accounts and UPI IDs will be deactivated. You can not use those UPI IDs to receive money and for payments. Also, you can’t use bank accounts to send/receive money.

Disable Paytm UPI

If you wish to reactivate your Paytm UPI account, simply locate the “Reactivate UPI Account” option and tap on it. Upon doing so, all your bank accounts and UPI IDs will be made available again for UPI payments, you don’t need to add your bank account again or create a new UPI PIN and UPI ID.