Upgrade SBI Debit Card Online Through Net Banking & YONO

SBI customers can upgrade their Debit card online through net banking and SBI YONO mobile application.

If you have SBI Rupay Debit card and want to upgrade with the International Debit card then you don’t need to visit Bank, you can upgrade your card online and receive your new card at home.

SBI International Debit card working well on some International websites and also you can add this card to your PayPal account. SBI Rupay and classic ATM card only work in domestic websites.

So here is step by step guide on upgrade your SBI ATM Debit Card online.

Upgrade SBI ATM/Debit Card online

You can use SBI Internet Banking & SBI YONO application to upgrade your card.

1# Through Net Banking

(1) Login to SBI Net Banking and click on e-Services and select ATM card services option.

upgrade SBI Debit card online

(2) In ATM card Services, click on Request new ATM Debit card

upgrade SBI Debit card online

(3) Now select your Account number and choose your Debit card. You can see many different types of card. Select any International Debit card. In name on the card, enter your name and submit.

upgrade SBI Debit card online

(4) Next screen confirm your address is correct and submit.

upgrade SBI Debit card online

Done! you have successfully upgraded your SBI Debit card. The new card will be delivered to your registered address within 7 days. You need to Block your current card after upgrading with the new card.

2# Using SBI YONO

SBI card upgrading facility also available through SBI YONO application.

1- Login to SBI YONO application.

2- After login, tap and open menu options and select Service Request.

upgrade SBI Debit card online

3- On next screen, you can see ATM/Debit card related services, open it.

upgrade SBI Debit card online

4- Now select and open Request new ATM/Debit card.

upgrade SBI Debit card online

5- And in the last step, select your saving account number, type your name, select your new Debit card and your address. Make sure your address is correct. Now submit your application.

upgrade SBI Debit card online

So this is how you can upgrade SBI ATM Debit card online through Net banking and YONO mobile application.